Why use IEDs?
  • There has been a dramatic increase in the use of IEDs. This is a changing trend from using manufactured devices such as mines or booby-traps.
  • Several factors are involved in using IEDs.

1. Low-cost
* IEDs are cost efficient. They use old military UXOs. If they can’t find any, they’ll use homemade explosives.

2. Easily Disguised
* IEDs are easy to disguised. They can be hidden anywhere using anything ranging from garbage to cars.

3. Hard to spot
* When travelling at convoy speed, IEDs are hard to find.

4. Low Risk
* IEDs ensures minimum risk is taken by the enemy. They can fire from an isolated area which makes them hard to find.

5. Efficient
* IEDs are an efficient psychological warefare tactics.

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